Research & Development

Pharmaceuticals Research & Development is challenging venture for local & global market and development of novel drug including biotechnological products. Constantly pumping of new products in market helps the company to survive and build up its image. Personnel of R&D department always try to provide an opportunity to present the knowledge gained through the application of scientific approaches and quality risk management to the development of a product and its manufacturing process. It is important to recognize that quality cannot be tested into products, but should be built in the product by design. We introduce innovative high quality (efficacy & safe) new product considering cost effective. Our R&D team emphasize on successful in developing & introducing quality products according to ICH guidelines and continuous improvement of new and existing product for customer satisfaction, environmental change, technology change and other competitors.

For that, we have dedicated and trained R&D personnel along with well equipped separate Galenical and Analytical laboratory with all necessary machineries and equipments of GMP standard in small scale.

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