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We are currently exporting to the follwoing countries:

According to Doha declaration (the fourth Ministerial Conference in Doha , Qatar , in November 2001), Bangladesh as one of the members of least developed countries (LDCs) can manufacture patent products from January 1, 2005 to 2016. So, there is an enormous opportunity for Bangladesh to export patent products to 49 LDCs. To avail the opportunity, General Pharmaceuticals has entered into international pharmaceutical business by establishing a dedicated department ‘International Marketing' from August 15, 2004 for its export activity.

Business association with General Pharmaceuticals will ensure availability of new products at reasonable price along with generic products and will ensure win-win situation between the companies and countries.

General Pharmaceuticals from the very beginning has objectives to contribute to global health sector by providing Quality health products of international standards.

Carry the flagship of General Pharmaceuticals and Bangladesh in different countries of the world. We Offer the best services in regards to manufacturing facilities product development and quality. Within very short period of time, GPL received very positive responses from different countries of the world.At present, products of General Pharmaceuticals are already exported or registered or under registration in the following country.

Exporting Countries:

Asia: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Maldives, Philippines, Yemen.

Africa: Tchad, Kenya, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon.

Central & South America: Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic

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